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Harry Bronson Series
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    When Sandra Sechrest discovers the terrible secret about her family's ancestors, she's
determined to right the wrongs. She seeks Bronson, a retired cop's help. They along with
Bronson's nephew travel to a ghost town in Colorado to unearth the secrets buried there.
    Suddenly Sandra, Daniel, and Bronson are thrown into a world filled with deception and
danger. Bronson swears to protect the young couple at all costs, but when the house he's at
explodes, Bronson is left for dead, and Daniel and Sandra are forced to fend for themselves.

What an action-packed rush! What a wild adventure! The author incorporates
incredible pacing throughout the book. As a reader, I was very much engaged.
Sarah E. Burr
New York
For Bronson, this was going to be an easy assignment. Find Roger and Norma, the teens
that stole an important book and return it to its original owners. But when Bronson locates the
book, Roger reveals the truth behind the book's existence-a truth so shocking that Bronson is
forced to help them escape.
Then Ellen, his partner's ex, gets kidnapped and Bronson is forced to decide who he will
save: Ellen or two stranded teenagers who look up at him for their survival.
Who will he choose? His decision will determine who lives-and who dies.

The story line is really good. I never saw the end coming. The book had me rushing
through it on pins and needles! Excellent. Definitely worth my reading time.
            Elizabeth Speed

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