Harry Bronson Series
                                  L. C.'s Watson Award Finalist for Best Characters and Kindle Best Seller

Retired police detective Harry Bronson is forced to face a painful, secret past when his estranged sister begs him to help her. What he learns about her life over the past decades leads him on a serpentine path through the corrupt underbelly of the rich and powerful. The novelís many twists and turns will leave the reader breathless and will keep him guessing until the very end.

     When the Past Haunts You by the very talented Hayden is one you won't want to miss. I'm very pleased to recommend this book to any reader who enjoys a really good mystery or someone looking for a story with plenty of action and interesting people. You will definitely want to read the other books by this imaginative author. Enjoy. I sure did.
                                                    Anne K. Edwards, Mystery and Mayhem
     Lindaís husband was murdered and someone threatens to kill her son unless she drives to Minnesota for some undisclosed reason. Bronsonís decision to aid Linda takes them on a journey built on a web of lies and a blatant impossibility. When Death Intervenes grabs the reader from the beginning. In this page turner, Hayden has created an intriguing plot that leaves the reader guessing to the very end.

Another great read in the Harry Bronson series by L. C. Hayden.
                                            Gay Toltl Kinman, Crimespree Magazine 
                                                              Kindle Best Seller
Dear Harry Bronson Readers:
    I've received lots of e-mails asking how and why the detective in my mystery series, Harry Bronson, got fired. Up to now, thereís been no place to send you. All you know is that between What Others Know and Why Casey Had to Die, Bronson gets fired. You wonder what happened. Iíve decided to remedy that by writing the short story, ďEnd of the Road.Ē The setting takes place after Bronson leaves Las Vegas where he was vacationing and returns home to Dallas. Enjoy!

Hayden's knack for gripping the reader is undeniable.
                                            Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine
                         Agatha Award Finalist for Best Novel, Pennsylvania Top 40 Pick  
Retired detective Harry Bronson thought he had solved his first case until, twenty years later, new evidence surfaces. Now Bronson is forced to start a journey filled with terror--one that places not only Bronson in mortal danger, but also his beloved wife, Carol. In order to save Carol, Bronson  must race against time to solve a geocache puzzle. If he fails, Carol dies. But before he can even begin, Bronson must figure out Why Casey Had to die.

Hayden has created a suspenseful tale full of interesting characters that will keep readers guessing. Every twist and turn adds depth to this ell-crafted story. Fans have a new series to devour.
                                                        Lisa Kisner, Reader Views

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