Internet Workshops through Savvy Authors

Sept. 25-Oct. 8---Your Publishing Options
Oct. 23-Nov. 5--How to Make Your Writing Sparkle
Nov. 13-Nov. 19--Know Your Copyright Rights

                 Internet Workshops through Savvy Authors
                 For registration and information go to

Jan. 8-Jan. 21--How to Write Dynamic Dialog
Feb. 26-Mar. 11--How to Write a Novel in 90 Days
Apr. 9-Apr. 22--Creating Characters with Character
May 28-June 10--How to Keep Readers Turning the Pages
Sept. 9-Sept. 23--How to Self Publish
Oct. 1-Oct 14--Avoid the Pitfalls of Writing
Oct 29-Nov. 4--Know Your Copyright Rights
Dec. 3-Dec16--How to Make Your writing Sparkle

April 13-15--Friday to Sunday--Signing and selling books at El Paso Comic Con. at the Civic Center.

May 5--10:30 Reading at Books are Gems, 7744 North Loop, Suite B.

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