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Award Winning Author
Finalist for the Agatha Award for Best Novel, LCC's Watson Award for the Best Characters, Reader's Choice Award, Silver Falchion Award for Best Suspense, Reader's Choice Award, Best of the Best, and more


L.C. Hayden


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Praise for L.C. Hayden's Books

About the Harry Bronson Series:

I absolutely fell in love with Harry Bronson. I am in a book club and we all love the Bronson series so very much. Thank you for writing these books.

Trinity Barnett (Pennsylvania)


Settle into a comfortable reading chair and prepare for plot twists and surprises!

Molly Weston (Meritorious Mysteries)


About the Aimee Brent Series:

The Aimee Brent series is full of colorful characters you will remember. It is a smorgasbord of suspense, with a good dollop of romance.

Valerie Stocking (New Mexico)


About the Miracle and Angels Series:

The series sucked me in right from the start and left me in a perpetual state of goose bumps. The writing is beautiful. I marvel at the smoothness of the transitions.

Kathleen Chalmers


About the Children's Picture Books:

A great addition to any library or home.

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