Childrens Picture Books
                        A charming childrenís story that both amuses and teaches. A true treasure.

Puppy Dog wants his bone, but he canít get it by himself. He asks his friends for help. They try, but each fail. Then Puppy Dog comes up with an idea . . .

I loved this book. It is an adorable story for young children, and I think parents and grandparents will hve a good time reading this to the little ones. I liked the illustrations every bit as much as the story. This  book would be a great addition to any library or home.
                              Winner of the Tallahassee Writers Award for Children's Books

What Am I? What Am I? is a heart-warming picture book about a baby frog who wants to know what he is. He searches high and low and finds other animals that share a characteristic with him. But in the end, Froggy realizes he's not one of them. He wonders What Am I? What Am I?
This delightful, simple story with its many repetitive phrases will capture the children's attention, and its beautiful drawings will enthrall them.

This is an adorable story with a valuable message for children. The book is beautifully illustrated and would make a great gift for any child.
Charlene Tess--Texas
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