L.C. Hayden

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Brush of Angel Wings is a collection of true inspirational stories about miracles and angels. Each will touch the soul and bring hope and peace to the mind. The book is divided into seven sections: “Angels Who Grant Wishes,” “Angels Who Gives Us Comfort,” “Angels Who Deliver Messages,” “Angels Who Help People,” “Angels Who Give Paws,” “Angels Who Are Human,” and “Beyond Angels: Miracles in Our Lives.” Each section is introduced with a work of art, followed by a poem relevant to that topic. The poignant stories that follow illustrate how angels and miracles are alive in our lives.

Each story will amaze you, comfort you, and provide you with peace of mind.

Chills on top of chills. I absolutely love the book. So much fun to read. Amazing stories!

Rhonda Rose, Texas

Author’s Note: The true, inspirational stories bathe us in hope and love as we read about others’ experiences with angels, miracles, and God, himself. I pride myself in authenticating each story as much as possible. It fills me with joy to share these wonderful stories with you. Enjoy!

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Angels and Miracles Bundle
Angel Trilogy


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Through eternity angels have touched our lives, even if we're unaware. Read this trilogy about the author's personal experiences with angels (book 1,) then read the other two books in the set. In books 2 and 3, people from all over relate how they have been touched by an angel or had a miracle in their lives. Their stories will leave you breathless and bring a tear to your eye.

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These true, heart-warming stories of divine intervention, answered prayers, and healing will capture your heart. Read about God's angels and how they have appeared just at the right moment, have provided comfort when it was most needed, and have prevented catastrophes before they happen. Read and believe in the miracles and the power of angels. These stories will leave you breathless.

Inspiring, heartwarming, tear-jerking—her books leave me spiritually uplifted, renewed my faith, and gave me confidence in the power of miracles.

Kate Young, Texas

The series sucked me in right from the start and left me in a perpetual state of goose bumps. . . . The writing is beautiful. I marvel at the smoothness of the transitions.

Kathleen Chalmers

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Angels Around You is a collection of truly inspirational stories that are guaranteed to touch the readers’ hearts. Some of these tales are tear-jerking; others will fill the hearts with wonder and a great sense of peace. All will bring hope to a world that is often plagued by bad news.

I was brought to tears many times. These stories will stay with me a long time.

Lee Carper, Vermont

These stories lift the human spirit and provide a truly enjoyable read.

William L. Cummings, Texas

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Take a stroll with highly acclaimed author L.C. Hayden as she takes you with her on her life journey. Read her true accounts as she reveals the miracles in her life. This book will leave you spiritually uplifted and help you realize how you too can understand the miracles that surround you.

I recommend this thought-provoking book. It will make you think back to incidents that have happened in your own life.

Donna Kaster, Arizona

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What are your motives? Always for profit? Always for advancement? Have you ever done something just because it was the right thing to do? Have you ever done a random act of kindness?

Once again, master story-teller L.C. Hayden takes us on a journey with an unexpected destination, with a bigger surprise at the end than we ever thought.

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