L.C. Hayden

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Aimee Brent Series


Volume Two

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Aimee strongly suspects her father killed her mother. Deep within her she prays she's wrong, but still she sets out on a journey to find her father and bring him to justice. This twisting journey takes her deeper and deeper into a place filled with darkness and death. All around her the body count rises, and Aimee discovers that the ties that bind are the most murderous of all.

Guaranteed to keep you glued to the edge of your seat.


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Hayden sucks you into her stories from the first page on with her talent for devising unique and unexpected plot twists.

Linda Faulkner, Reviews

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Volume One

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An old woman hears a scream in the middle of the night. No one else hears it, and the police dismiss it as an old woman's ravings. Aimee Brent, an ambitious, dedicated reporter for the North Shore Carrier, the Lake Tahoe newspaper, sets out to prove Grandma right.

In so doing, she's forced to face her past, a past filled with so much darkness that it threatens her very existence and leads her down a twisted, dangerous road from which she may never return.


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Complex, detailed plot, and characters we care about. Hayden weaves a great story with lots of suspense—and a killer ending!

Valerie Stocking, author