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Finally, a writer’s comprehensive book that covers the major aspects of writing. The nonfiction section covers major points from beginnings to hot topics to advice and guidelines. You’ll also find a section on which rights to sell and how to take advantage of sidebars.

Besides practical advice on character development, creating dynamic dialog, where to get ideas, and how to develop the plot, the fiction section shows you a method on How to Write Your Novel in Ninety Days, How to Write Flash Fiction, and steps to take when proofreading your own work. In addition, award winning and bestselling author L. C. Hayden reveals how to add suspense to any novel so that the readers keep turning the pages.

The third section of the book focuses on the business side of writing. Such topics as writing the successful query letter, a glimpse at the traditional and self-publishing worlds, and how to decide which route is the best for you will give the readers a very comprehensive inside view into the world of publishing.

The book closes with a section on how to promote your book.

This is one writer’s handbook that is so comprehensive that new and established authors won’t want to do without.

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A Paranormal Mystery

People don't like Gerald Hurd, but after he is killed, they like him even less.

Take a bit of Stephen King, then toss in a healthy dose of Edgar Allen Poe, and you'll have L.C. Hayden's latest release, The Drums of Gerald Hurd. Horror fans will delight in this nail-biter of a novel that's sure to send shivers down the spine.

Donna Bolk, Word Museum

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Author L. C. Hayden has created a series of "how to" booklets on writing. Some of them follow the speeches she gives while serving as "Author in Residence" on cruises.

Booklet Titles

Plot: the Story's Foundation
Author's Guide to Getting Published
Writing the Novel in Ninety Days
Adding Suspense to Your Writing
Building the Novel and Short Story
Creating Interesting Characters
Writing Dynamic Dialog
Increase Your Book Sales
Making Your Nonfiction Sparkle